3rd ISAVT on 12th - 14th of September in Vöhlin Castle Illertissen

Information about ISAVT

The International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Technology (ISAVT) is an international conference discussing cooperation between industry, government, and academia for innovation in research and development and creation of new businesses, particularly in the automotive field.


Because automotive research and development combine a wide range of advanced technology, it is necessary to coordinate industry, government and academia. In addition, it is also important to strengthen the cooperation between universities that are actively implementing the automotive related research. For this reason, the first ISAVT brought together five universities with centers for automotive research to help foster future collaboration. Since 2017 the network was extended to seven international universities.


The third international symposium will continue to develop and strengthen the cooperation between an international collection of universities and foster exchange beyond national borders between researchers in various automotive research fields. As a group, we also would like to encourage young researchers to be involved with our activity and contribute to their future success in the world.


The symposium will focus on following topics:

  • Human Factors
  • Automated Driving
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Electric mobility and Powertrain
  • Material Science

At University of Applied Sciences Kempten, we are excited to host the third symposium. We look forward to seeing many of you in Illertissen to continue the cooperative effort started in 2016.



Organizing Committee Members

  • Bernhard SCHICK, General Chair, University of Applied Sciences Kempten, GERMANY
  • Peter PFEFFER, Co-Chair, University of Applied Sciences Munich, GERMANY
  • Tetsunori HARAGUCHI, Nagoya University, JAPAN
  • Ichiro KAGEYAMA, Nihon University, JAPAN
  • Hiroshi NOMURA, Nihon University, JAPAN
  • Hideo INOUE, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, JAPAN
  • Clay WALDEN,  Mississippi State University, USA
  • Daniel CARRUTH, Mississippi State University, USA
  • Roger KING, Mississippi State University, USA
  • Jiro SENDA, Doshisha University, JAPAN
  • Byungchul CHOI, Chonnam National University, KOREA

The Universities